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We believe the most important part of a job is prep work. It doesn’t matter how good the paint is or how many coats you put. If the prep work isn’t done well the paint won’t last.A quality repaint includes the fallowing-

Color Selection

Choosing colors for your home can be stressful . We help make it                             as easy as possible by helping you with the process. After choosing some               different colors from a color wheel, we will apply test samples on your                       home. This takes the guess work out of choosing colors.

Pressure washing with TSP

Your home is pressure washed with TSP, a house cleaning solution. All                     mold, and mildew is removed from the siding and gutters.

Scraping and sanding of all flaking or peeling paint

Flaking, bubbling, and peeling paint is scraped. Just as important as                         scraping is sanding. Leaving a big paint edge is an invitation for water to sit             and penetrate. This can cause paint to peel. We grind and sand paint                       edges smooth.    

Areas with flaking and peeling paint receive a coat of PEEL STOP

Peel Stop is a glue like primer that glues down paint edges to prevent future peeling. A good paint job won’t last if the old paint keeps peeling.

Bare wood receives a coat of primer

All bare wood receives a coat of primer to properly seal it and prepare it for             paint.

All failed caulking is re-caulked with 60yr caulking

Many times the caulking is the first part of a paint job to fail. We do our best to make it last by using the highest rated caulking on the market. When caulking has cracked or separated we cut it out instead of caulking over it. Common areas with cracked caulking include, windows, corners, and siding joints.

Body is sprayed with 1 coat of Lifetime Warranty paint

We spray a generous coat of paint on your home. For most homes 1 coat is sufficient, some older homes would benefit from 2 coats. We use only the highest grades of paint, and let you choose which paint company to use.

Trim is hand rolled and brushed

Gutters, windows, corner boards, fascia, and door jams are rolled with a                 small roller and brushed by hand. 

Full clean up

Your home is cleaned after each day and at the end of the project.

Final Walkthrough

We do not take any payment till the job is complete, we do a final                             walkthrough, finish all touch  up and leave you with extra paint.

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